Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home by marilynne robinson

i bought Home with some christmas money and it was my first read of 2009, the perfect book to sit with under a warm blanket with some hot cocoa on a cold winter's night when you're not in a hurry to go anywhere. this is a parallel novel to Gilead, where the story takes lesser characters from one novel and tells their story as it happens simultaneously. it was so interesting to read, especially as the stories intersected, giving you dual perspectives on the same event.

Home is very much a story of a prodigal son, slowly pealing away the layers of his heart and revealing more and more of the mysterious years since his departure. the painful, yet tender relationship of an aging father with his son was very touching. i could feel his stubborn refusal to give up hope and his desperate desire to bring his son back into the fold and somehow propel him to some form of success. the brother/sister relationship was also developed throughout the book; the past childhood experiences still influencing emotions and expectations. i felt this rang true.

overall this is a sensitive look at the heart of a family. although it had a slow pace and lacked something in plot, the author made up for it in character. i really do enjoy robinson's reflective style.
p.s. can someone tell me a better way to add a book picture from amazon? or librarything? thanks!

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Tonya said...

Hey, looks good. Can you send me your book list from last year so I can give it to my mom. SHe needs a good list to go on. Most the of junk at the library is just that, junk. Thanks for the idea.