Friday, October 30, 2009

soccer highlights

some might think we are obsessed. others might say we are crazy. but we cannot deny that we are a SOCCER family throughout the fall and spring seasons. with three players, two of which are on travel teams, it is quite a juggling match to get them all to practices and games, on the right field, at the right time, with a clean uniform. (actually, there has been the occasional incident when we are late, can't find a jersey, and must pull it out of the dirty laundry! shhh. don't tell!) tomorrow will be the last games of the fall season and it will be a relief to our schedules. but even with the craziness, i must say that soccer has been great for our kids. i love to see them running and exercising (thank you, Lord, for strong healthy bodies!). i love the lessons in teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship learned. i love the discipline and commitment they are developing. and i love cheering on the sidelines!

oh, by the way, coach just called. he wants to practice indoors for the winter and he reserved a spot for us in the winter league, indoors. we've got to keep in shape, ya know...

so much for a relief in the schedule! ;o)

C plays for the U14 travel team.
it has been so fun to watch him improve his skills
over the years he has been playing.

even with his cast on, S could play soccer,
as long as we wrapped it in protective foam.
it really didn't slow him down much!

B is No. 2 for the "lavender lightning"
all those years of playing against her brothers in the front yard
has made her a pretty tough player!
(i have more pic's of B, but i can't find them on the computer! )

everyday gift: surviving enjoying the soccer season

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

autumn view

this is the view from the deck of our new house. we have moved in (but are not quite settled yet, in case you have wondered where i have been!) the field in the background is our corn which the farmer has not been able to harvest due to the wet weather. if things don't dry out soon, the crop could be lost. however the "crop" of mud surrounding our house seems to be doing just fine! yikes. i am still hoping that we can seed some grass before winter.

although the summer went way too quickly, i do love the change of seasons, and autumn is one of my favorites. i hope you are enjoying the crisp evenings with some hot apple cider! i have a taste for pumpkin... maybe, i should bake some pumpkin scones today...

everyday gift: the colors of autumn

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

more about gourds

a few weekends ago we spent a lovely time at the gourd fest. who knew gourds could be so interesting that you could celebrate them so? well, if you have been reading my blog lately you know that B has become quite taken with gourds. she has her own gourd garden with birdhouse gourds ready to harvest soon. so when we heard about a local gourd festival, we knew we couldn't miss it!

B following her dad's instructions to have her picture taken with the biggest gourd she could find.

unbelievable variety!

a sweet kiss.

B and grandy share a common interest in gourds, so this was a special time for them.

B with grandy and grammy

the uncommon gourd was my favorite vendor booth.

incredible works of art. i especially liked the ones that mixed basketry and weaving with the gourds. i love artwork that uses natural beauty in the design. you can see more of this artist's work at her website.

dried gourds. we bought a few to play with over the winter while B's gourds dry in the barn. i think it will be fun for B and grandy to have a special project to work on together.

decorating gourd shakers

gourd bowling!

wonderful gourd arbors

the girls had fun walking through the gourd arbors

grandy with B, identifying gourds with the guide

across the fence was a beautiful view of the countryside with a train rumbling by.
i love the sound of a train whistle.

everyday gift: enjoying the gourd fest with grammy and grandy


i knew you could do it!

everyday gift: learning to fly