Monday, January 18, 2010

family movie night

the basement of our new home is still a work in progress. it has walls and paint but not much more. no carpet, no ceiling, and hardly any furniture. the family room (ie: tv room) is downstairs which is really not a big deal considering that we rarely watch tv. but in the event that we have a movie to watch from netflix, it is somewhat of a squash for the 5 of us to sit on the one couch. but this weekend i found it a real blessing.

first, can i tell you that teens are a challenge? maybe you have parented teens and are thinking, "you're not telling me anything i didn't know!" haha. but lately i have found myself at odds with my teen and it can become quite emotional. well, we had one of those moments the other day and i was left feeling like the parenting failure. i know i handled it badly, even though i was confident i was right about the issue. i felt a wall growing up between us a result and i worried that i was losing touch with him. but a little time passed and tempers calmed and a little red envelope came in the mail. it was time for the family movie.

so down we clamor for the best position on the couch. we are watching "murder on the orient express". during the movie i feel my boy leaning on me...i know he can't really help it on that crowded couch. but still, the closeness and comfort of it are soothing to my hurting heart. and then he reaches out and holds my hand. just for a minute. do you know how long it has been since that hand reached out for mine? well, i can tell you the last time it was much much smaller. on the screen the orient express chugged through frozen ground and into a snow drift, while my heart was warmed by the touch of a hand that said, "i still love you."

everyday gift: the touch of a hand

Thursday, January 14, 2010

hosanna's mittens

hosanna's wool is wonderful to spin. it is so soft and springy. i am spoiled now to spin anything else. i have been searching my photos for a good one of hosanna, i wanted to post it here and introduce you all to my sweet shetland ewe. but she is apparently camera shy. i will have to rectify that problem. shetland sheep produce a wide range of wool colors and hosanna is officially "grey". it sounds rather dull, but actually it is quite interesting. it has a pearly cast to it and the variations of dark and light give the yarn a lovely depth of color.

grey shetland roving on the bobbin

i am following the pattern of ann budd in
the knitter's handy book of patterns

because of my large stash of roving and growing stash of handspun yarn, i figured i had better get busy and increase my knitting skills so i am able to do something worthy with it.

so here is the progress i have made:
i had to consult youtube to figure out how to use
these double pointed needles!

everyday gift: gentle lambs, warm wool, homegrown mittens!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

stopping by woods...

flocked trees

whose woods are these,
i think know,
his house is in the village though.
he will not see me stopping here
to watch his woods fill up with snow...

a view of the snowy landscape

on the heels of a long Christmas break from school, the kids got another day off last week because of snow. although i am already wishing for spring, i can not help but marvel in this winter wonderland. i love how quiet it is after the snowfall, the trees all trimmed in white, the pastures unmarked by footprints.

"you go first." "no, you go." "i'm not goin' out there!"
what are ya? chicken?!

a view of the back from the creek

the pasture gate

our little junco friend.
he comes frequently to our feeder along with his many friends.

everyday gift: a walk in the snow