Sunday, September 27, 2009

we're getting closer!

"Unless the Lord builds the house,
its builders labor in vain"
Psalm 127:1

mark laying the oak floor in the dining room with C as his assistant.

this picture is a wonderful testimony to God's faithfulness. about one month ago mark was having severe back pain. he feared the worst and started consulting with doctors and investigating surgery as a possible solution to his bulging disk. with much work yet to be done on the house, mark was worried that he would be unable to accomplish his part in the home building. hiring out his share of the work would put us over budget.

as you can see, he is doing much better. after visiting his chiropractor, doing some therapeutic stretches, wearing a supportive back brace, and giving it over to the Lord through prayer he is doing very well. thankfully, he has been able to finish framing the basement, hang all the doors, and lay the oak flooring. he is now ready to set the kitchen cabinets and install the trim.

B helping to lay out the floor planks
(we've got everyone doing jobs!)

"If a man will not work, he shall not eat" 2 Thes. 3:10

S painting the kitchen

painting the living room

the kitchen is ready for cabinets! we are getting so close!

everyday gifts: oak plank floors and God's healing hand


Julie said...

What a beautiful home!

Chris said...

Oh Stacy, I love the colors and the floor looks beautiful! Thank the Lord... He has truly blessed you. I am rejoicing with you today my friend.

Barb said...

All the love and labor that has gone into this home (and the last!) What wonderful memories and what wonderful appreciation your kids will have for their hard work!

Tonya said...

Oh, we can't wait to see it! Keep on staying strong Mark. I don't know how you guys do it. What fun.

rainydaymichele said...

It's beautiful, Stacy. :) I know your children will always remember every bit of their contribution...and will be telling their children. :) Glad Mark is doing okay, and I will be praying for his full recovery.