Thursday, January 14, 2010

hosanna's mittens

hosanna's wool is wonderful to spin. it is so soft and springy. i am spoiled now to spin anything else. i have been searching my photos for a good one of hosanna, i wanted to post it here and introduce you all to my sweet shetland ewe. but she is apparently camera shy. i will have to rectify that problem. shetland sheep produce a wide range of wool colors and hosanna is officially "grey". it sounds rather dull, but actually it is quite interesting. it has a pearly cast to it and the variations of dark and light give the yarn a lovely depth of color.

grey shetland roving on the bobbin

i am following the pattern of ann budd in
the knitter's handy book of patterns

because of my large stash of roving and growing stash of handspun yarn, i figured i had better get busy and increase my knitting skills so i am able to do something worthy with it.

so here is the progress i have made:
i had to consult youtube to figure out how to use
these double pointed needles!

everyday gift: gentle lambs, warm wool, homegrown mittens!


Autumn Mist said...

Wow, I am impressed! One, because I would love to spin my own wool, two because I can't knit for toffee, and three, that gives real meaning to 'home grown', doesn't it? What beautiful stuff, I thought it was dyed that colour!

Chris said...

Way to go Stacy! And thanks for letting me "feel" the wool. They are beautiful mittens. When do I get to place an order?

Tonya said...

Hosanna is the sheep? I absolutely love the mittens!! If you ever have to get rid of some wool or sell it cheap...mmmmmm I think I know someone who crocets...:)))) After spun of coarse though, I ..I mean that person I know doesn't spin...hee :) Good job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I see you figured out how to knit your thumbs! You sweet little kitten; you knit your mittens! And now you get some pie! LOL MaMa