Sunday, March 28, 2010

red dakota sunset

here are some more pictures of B and her new horse. the two have been getting along famously. do you know how i would have loved an opportunity like this when i was ten?! i only dreamed of having my very own horse. but i really think watching B enjoy living the life of a country girl, riding trails, getting dirty, and learning to love the outdoors brings enough joy to make up for it. more than enough!
first love!

B named her horse red dakota sunset.

dakota is a red dun quarter horse.
in this picture you can see the dark dorsal stripe,
which is characteristic of a dun.
B likes the natural "highlights" in his mane!

this is pixie, an american paint horse which we owned for about one week. she is a beautiful bay tobiano. but mark sent her back because she was nipping and bucking. the owner, who had assured us that she is 100% gentle and ready for the trail, was really surprised at this and had an equine chiropractor working on her. perhaps a pinched nerve was causing her to act up. whatever the case may be, we did not want to take a chance on her. too, bad. she is a real looker.

B and her dad going out for a ride.
mark is on an ornery pony named angel, which he thinks is a total misnomer! we borrowed her from a neighbor so dakota would have a pal until we find another horse. she a little small for mark. dakota, on the other hand, has been great with B. he is calm, cooperative, and friendly.

a very happy cowgirl!

everyday gift: the smell of fresh hay in the barn and a pile of dirty jeans in the laundry room!


Anonymous said...

Just love the great pictures of Dakota and his girl! Sure hope I get a good print of one of them soon. Happy Birthday plus one day to you, B. Love you, grammy

rainydaymichele said...

Oh, how awesome! Yes, I would have loved the opportunity to own a horse when I was ten!

Congratulations to your daughter, B. Dakota is beautiful. Oh, what fun they will have.:)