Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a morning walk

since the weather has turned warmer, i have been taking a morning walk through our woods, even on a morning like today with a light rain falling. it is amazing how fast spring changes things from day to day. the flowers blooming yesterday are gone, but others have jumped up to replace them. i have found beauty at every turn, and not just in the wildflowers. i wish you could be with me to hike on our paths. until then, i will share my walk with you in pictures.

S discovered "raccoon tree" last year. we now pay him a visit every time we pass by. i am sure he wonders why we must wake him from his comfortable nap!

this tree fungus remind me of a sunrise. the colors and lines are so beautiful.

i enjoyed listening to this wild turkey this morning! he was making quite a racket gobbling to his girl friends. mark has seen a few turkeys around, but this is the first one that i have spotted. mark put a baby monitor out on the deck so we can listen to the birds sing (or gobble, as the case may be) in the morning when it is still too cool to open the windows.

how's that for re-purposing the baby monitor! *smile*

such diversity and uniqueness in nature!

at first glance the woods seem dreary and brown, but i found such beauty there this morning.
these oak leaves look as if they have been dipped in bronze.

watch your step!

i love the perfect geometry in this little snail.

the morning drizzle left sparkling jewels on the clover.

everyday gift: seeing God's perfect creativity and beauty in nature


Autumn Mist said...

Lovely photos. These wild turkeys fascinate me, as obviously we don't have them here.

Anonymous said...

Love the design in the clover leaves! What a creative God we have and He's soooo faithful. Has done much more than we could ever imagine. Love, Mom

Patty said...

I LOVE your photos, and your choice of music. I just popped in to take a peek, and it was exactly what I needed! I'm feeling a bit stressed (that's probably an understatment) getting ready for a trip to our state home school conference. Too many trips lately...But your blog is always refreshing and uplifting. Thank you!

rainydaymichele said...

Beautiful, Stacy! I'd love to take a morning stroll with you through your woods! Just beautiful. :)

Chris said...

Absolutely gorgeous Stacy!

Patty said...

I haven't "seen" you here in a while. Hope all's well. I'm praying for you and your family today.

stacy said...

patty, thank you so much for reading. i am so touched that you noticed my absence and prayed for us! simply put, i have been missing because it is soccer season. things are crazy around in april and may! i am hoping to update this morning. so many things to share. also looking forward to reading others' blogs as well!

Gail P Smith said...

Thanks so much for sharing your walk. With a bad hip and bad knee on one leg and a sore heal on the other I miss my morning walks in Vaderveer Park so much.
You took me out to the places I miss--thanks!