Monday, May 3, 2010

spring soccer

april and may bring a craziness to our schedule as our three soccer players gear up for the spring season. although it can be a strain, i do love the excitement of cheering my kids on from the sidelines. we have mostly good weather so being outdoors is very welcome after a long winter. here are a few shots from this weekend. (i forgot the camera at S's game, so i'll have to catch him next time. too, bad! it was a great game... he scored a hat trick!!! not bad for a defender, huh?! **correction** S read this and mentioned that although he is usually a defender, he was a midfielder for this game. just to set the record straight)
C in action during a weekend soccer game

he is serious during a game!

B nearly scores a goal!

everyday gift: a lawn chair, popcorn, lemonade, partly sunny skies, and an action-packed soccer game


Anonymous said...

Sure was fun for this pair of g'parents! Go, C, S, & B!! LOL

rainydaymichele said...

Tis the busy sport season for us too. I love how you post your "every day gifts" on your blog entries. It's so many of the little things that make one's heart swell with gratitude.

Every day gift: friendship and kindred hearts. :)