Friday, December 17, 2010

small joys

these little stocking ornaments represent a large victory for me. i set out this year to learn new knitting skills, and making socks was at the top of the list. painstakingly, i deciphered the abbreviations; flipping back and forth between the glossary and the pattern. i had my Knitter's Companion by my side as i figured out new stitches. i even turned to youtube as i learned to use double pointed needles and how to turn the heel! one step, or should i say, one stitch at a time and i saw my goal accomplished. lately, i carry my knitting bag with me where ever i go, stealing a few minutes here and there to make these miniature stockings. i can make one without even using a pattern, and it wasn't so long ago that i thought socks were complicated and near impossible. life is like that sometimes. a problem seems insurmountable, and yet all i really need to do is take it one step at a time rather than allow myself to become overwhelmed by the entire task.

stocking ornament made with a single-ply handspun wool

i embellished each one with an antique button from grandma's button box.

merry christmas, everyone!
may you find joy in the small things!


Anonymous said...

These are adorable. The buttons really make them extra-cute! You are such a clever daughter. Love you to pieces! MOM

Gifts said...

Lovely crafts. Must have take much effort in doing that. I'd love to make knitted handbags.

Patty said...

Beautiful! Merry Christmas and blessed 2011 to all of you!