Sunday, January 23, 2011

one thousand gifts

a remarkable book by a remarkable woman.

it has been a week since amazon sent me a shipment notification. tracking my package tells me it should arrive tomorrow. it is so hard to wait for this book to arrive! but the truth is, i didn't wait. i've already read it on my kindle. even so, i want to hold it in my hand; to turn the pages; underline those poignant words; put a sticky note on a page to come back to. i ordered multiple copies to share with a list of friends. but i am going to have to order more. you see, i want to share this book with everyone i know!

i've been reading ann voskamp's blog, aholyexperience, for some time now. her candid look at faith and life has challenged me in so many ways. her words have brought me to tears on many occasions and caused me to look within and think things through in a new way. my own blog reflects her influence as i note at the bottom of each post the gifts i find in my own life. i have found God's blessings in so many ordinary things. ordinary, but holy when you see God's love shining through them.

but ann's message is more than just "looking on the bright side" or just "being thankful". her message is one of faith, joy, and trust in a God who is in every part of our life, including the difficulties. but i really can not summarize her message. you simply must read it.

everyday gift: heart changing words


Chris said...

A remarkable book indeed.

Transforming, penetrating... like a scalpel cutting yet refreshing, cleansing, freeing. I am only on chapter four. Not sure I can go further. At least for today. So much more to absorb, integrate, and experience.

Definitely, this will be on the top of my life long best books to read.

Joanna said...

Love Anne's blog but haven't read it for a while--cannot wait to sink my teeth into this book! Thanks for the review.