Tuesday, September 2, 2008

first day

C and S, accompanied by B heading in to school on the first day, backpacks laden with new notebooks and folders, fresh pencils, rulers, and markers.

a smile from S in his first classroom... (that was not also his living room! )

i wanted to post something eloquent and inspiring about the new school year here, but at the moment, i have too many conflicting emotions. i am praying that the situation that caused so much aggravation last year for C will have subsided. i am praying that we made the right decision for S, who was thriving at home and reluctant about being at school. i am proud of his courage and poise in the face of an uncertain situation. and i will miss both of them this school year. so we face a new year of changes and challenges. and i am thankful that God goes with us each step.

everyday gift: rising to the challenges of the new year


Anonymous said...

Way to go, boys!! You look so cool in your uniforms and I'm sure yesterday gave you much to think about and get excited about for the coming year. God bless good teachers there who care about their students! And God bless B's teacher who will give her more good wisdom and joy to prepare her for a new school someday. Love you all! Grammy

Amy said...

We are praying for C's situation as well and for S as he transitions. Of course YOU are always in our prayers as we know how hard these things are on MOM!!

Thinking of you -