Thursday, September 11, 2008

roadside garden

B and i took a little nature walk this morning, in between raindrops. we did not go to a park or nature preserve, but just along the road, past the mailboxes of our neighbors, between the gravel of the road on one side and the corn fields almost ready for harvest on the other. along this humble path we found some glorious autumn wildflowers to cut for a vase on our kitchen table. come along with us and see what we found...

woodland sunflower

bushy aster

hitchin' a ride

here's an interesting looking bug! we'll have to check the insect field guide to figure out his name!

who do you suppose lives here?

chinese lantern plant

new england aster

queen anne's lace and chickory

spotted touch-me-not or jewelweed

this unusual flower attracts humming birds.
interestingly, the stem juice is said to relieve poison ivy and treat athlete's foot. science has confirmed that it does have anti-fungal qualities.

thistle and golden rod

the berries and roots of this plant are poisonous. the field guide tells us that the colonist used these berries to make dye and to improve cheap wine. really? poisonous berries will make bad wine better?

B spotted this butterfly in our garden, so we quickly took a picture!

if it rains some more this afternoon, we will stay indoors and draw wildflowers into our nature journals!

everyday gift: a walk in between raindrops


Anonymous said...

Dear B and Teacher,

You found some gorgeous flowers, to be sure. I have never noticed so many as I've driven to your house. You two have good eyes. What a fun thing to do on an iffy day in September!

Love and Hugs, Grammy

Amy said...

what LOVELY flowers! such a wonderful blog.
i love you, girls!

Chris said...

How beautiful! Good job at identifying those flowers. I especially like the history of the pokeweed.

ben said...

Very nice garden! Come over to my blog and vote on a poll.