Friday, October 30, 2009

soccer highlights

some might think we are obsessed. others might say we are crazy. but we cannot deny that we are a SOCCER family throughout the fall and spring seasons. with three players, two of which are on travel teams, it is quite a juggling match to get them all to practices and games, on the right field, at the right time, with a clean uniform. (actually, there has been the occasional incident when we are late, can't find a jersey, and must pull it out of the dirty laundry! shhh. don't tell!) tomorrow will be the last games of the fall season and it will be a relief to our schedules. but even with the craziness, i must say that soccer has been great for our kids. i love to see them running and exercising (thank you, Lord, for strong healthy bodies!). i love the lessons in teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship learned. i love the discipline and commitment they are developing. and i love cheering on the sidelines!

oh, by the way, coach just called. he wants to practice indoors for the winter and he reserved a spot for us in the winter league, indoors. we've got to keep in shape, ya know...

so much for a relief in the schedule! ;o)

C plays for the U14 travel team.
it has been so fun to watch him improve his skills
over the years he has been playing.

even with his cast on, S could play soccer,
as long as we wrapped it in protective foam.
it really didn't slow him down much!

B is No. 2 for the "lavender lightning"
all those years of playing against her brothers in the front yard
has made her a pretty tough player!
(i have more pic's of B, but i can't find them on the computer! )

everyday gift: surviving enjoying the soccer season

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