Wednesday, October 28, 2009

autumn view

this is the view from the deck of our new house. we have moved in (but are not quite settled yet, in case you have wondered where i have been!) the field in the background is our corn which the farmer has not been able to harvest due to the wet weather. if things don't dry out soon, the crop could be lost. however the "crop" of mud surrounding our house seems to be doing just fine! yikes. i am still hoping that we can seed some grass before winter.

although the summer went way too quickly, i do love the change of seasons, and autumn is one of my favorites. i hope you are enjoying the crisp evenings with some hot apple cider! i have a taste for pumpkin... maybe, i should bake some pumpkin scones today...

everyday gift: the colors of autumn


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view! So glad to get past "the gourds"! ;o)

have a great day. I just got word I have to work this morning! grrr!

Loveya to pieces, Mom

Chris said...

Yeah! Enjoy your beautiful view. You will have to come and get some pie pumpkins for those scones. I sure have missed you!

Tonya said...

I am so glad that you posted that link since I am going to be cooking up lots of pumpkin from my garden starting right now!!