Thursday, December 31, 2009

my bookshelf 2009

here are the books i read in 2009. i have highlighted in red my favorites of the year. those with a (+) are books i enjoyed and would recommend; with a (-) were disappointing.

(*) The Help by kathryn stockett ~ this was a fabulous way to end my year of books. i loved this book! what a fresh and interesting look at race relations in the south during the volatile years of the emerging civil rights era. tragic and sad and yet with glimpses of love and respect. her characters were real, memorable, and brave.

(+) Three Cups of Tea by greg mortenson ~ great story of perseverance. i loved the message of respect and relationship building. this story would be a true winner in my list if mortenson had an element of Christian faith to his mission instead of bowing to allah in order to gain entrance into a closed culture.

(+) Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by barabara kingsolver ~ enjoyable book about eating fresh and locally grown food. now i am itching to plan and plant my spring garden!

(+) Crazy Love by francis chan ~ very thought provoking and challenging.

(*) The Book Thief by markus zusak ~ this author has an incredible way with words. he has crafted a very unique story told from a surprising view point.

(*) The Patriot by pearl s. buck ~ for some reason i am just taken with pearl s. buck! it is not that i have a fascination with asian culture, because really, i don't. i just love the way she tells a story and draws the reader into the lives of her characters. this historical fiction is set in china during the communist revolution and contrasts old ideas with new; china with japan. a very interesting read.

(+) Seventh Day by bodie thoene ~ some in this series are better than others, but over all, i recommend the "a.d. chronicles" and its insight into the culture and biblical figures during the time of Christ.

(*) Girl in Hyacinth Blue by susan vreeland ~ an interesting collection of short stories which work backward in time all tied together by a beautiful masterpiece.

(-) A Bridge for Passing by pearl s. buck ~ a nonfiction account of the author's grief after the loss of her husband. i did not enjoy it as i enjoy her fiction.

(*) Agnes Grey by anne bronte ~ i love those bronte girls. :o)

(-) Letter from Peking by pearl s. buck ~ one of the few titles from buck that is not set in china. this particular book did not touch me the way her others have.

(+) Straight Up by lisa samson ~ i have enjoyed every one of lisa samson's books!

(+)Tiger Lily by lisa samson

(+) Sixth Covenant by bodie thoene

(+) Fifth Seal by bodie thoene

(-) The Other Boleyn Girl by philippa gregory ~ i was not impressed with the morals of the royals. this was a little too trashy for my taste.

(-) A Respectable Trade by philippa gregory

(*) The Church Ladies by lisa samson ~ i reread this favorite of lisa samson's and enjoyed it just as much the second time around.

(-) Where You Once Belonged by kent haruf ~ i like the author's style and really enjoyed his other books Plainsong and Eventide, but this story was not as good, in my opinion, and i hated the ending.

(*) Home by marilynne robinson ~ robinson has such a gentle and thoughtful way of examining relationships. the plot is rather slow, but the character development is excellent.

i have also been perusing some interesting cookbooks this year! i find they make good reading as well as good eating. Nourishing Traditions by sally fallon and Hearth and Home by karey swan are two books which have been shaping my views on food and healthy eating.

happy reading everyone. feel free to pop in with a comment and give me your recommendations for my 2010 bookshelf!

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Autumn Mist said...

I love the Bronte's, too, (my middle name is Charlotte!) and a few years ago I got the chance to visit Hawarth Parsonage, where the girls grew up. It was so extraordinary, I felt like I knew Charlotte, my favourite of the girls, and to be there in her house, surrounded by her things was surreal, and made me very tearful. An amazing experience.

stacy said...

i have had a similar american experience with the birth place and homes of laura ingalls wilder (little house on the prairie). i would love to visit the homes of my favorite english authors (jane austen and the bronte sisters!)

thanks for visiting!

Chris said...

What a great reader you are! But since I didn't complete any of my reading list this year you will have to get good ideas from elsewhere. Thanks for the tips!

Tonya said...

You are making want to read Pearle!! I loved Jane Eyre so I think I will have to read some of their others.