Sunday, January 11, 2009

dear old raggedy ann

i never really set out to collect dolls. it just sort of happened. i inherited my grandmother's dolls, some very rare and beautiful dolls from the early 1900's. and i have now acquired my mother's dolls because of her lack of storage in her condo. in a series of future posts i plan to display these special dolls since i have no place to display them in my home. but i do treasure them! there is something about a well loved doll that makes you believe she is alive and returns the same affection to the little girl who cared for her. it is easy to understand why such a theme runs through so many story books...and i just might believe it is true...

"Oh, Children!" Marcella cried, one day, as she came running into the nursery where all the dolls were sitting, "we are going to move, so you must all help me get ready. We must put all the doll clothes in the little trunk and pack everything nice and neat so nothing will get lost."

The dolls thought this would be great fun and they would have enjoyed jumping right up and helping, but Marcella did not know that dolls can run around and talk and do all sorts of things.

But, dear me, how the thoughts flew through their little heads and how they wished that Marcella really knew they were alive instead of just pretend. "Why!" thought Raggedy Ann, "wouldn't she be s'prised, if I should suddenly jump up and start packing our clothes in the little toy trunk?"

Marcella would have been surprised. Sometimes she did think that the dolls had moved around in the night after she had gone to bed. And, indeed, that is just what they always did...

from Marcella: A Raggedy Ann Story by johny gruelle

the inscription reads, "Judy Lynn, from Betty 1948"
what a sweet gift from a big sister

my mom's Raggedy Ann doll from the 1940's
a gift from her sister Betty

a hand-stitched treasure, given to my mom by her mom in 1949.

everyday gift: the special love between girls and dolls


Anonymous said...

What a sweet surprise to find my two "babies" posted and an excerpt from one of my favorite books, growing up. Thank you for taking good care of them so B and maybe her children can enjoy them. I'll be anxious to see some others on your blog. Loveyou, MaMa

Marci said...

What a wonderful thing to have. I loved the pictures.

Tonya said...

those are so lovely, what a blessing to pass down

Lynn said...

Stacy, I love the dolls. Can't wait to see more of them! I want to read more doll stories to Michaela this year.

Lynn :)