Thursday, January 8, 2009

leading a quiet life

i found another verse to go along with my word of the year:

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life,
to mind your own business
and to work with your hands...
I Thessalonians 4:11

ahh, the elusive "quiet life." it seems that i am always 3 errands, 2 loads of laundry, and a phone call away from the quiet life i am longing for. but i am working on saying "no" to non-essential things, making the reading of God's Word and prayer priorities over the dozens of daily "emergencies", and trying to find a quiet heart in the midst of a busy life.

"to mind your own business." this part made me laugh out loud! yes, i need to mind my own business. don't i have enough stress dealing with my own issues without taking on everyone else's?

"and to work with your hands." funny how i never noticed this verse before. but i know how being busy with a project can be like therapy. it can distract me from a problem i may be brooding over, it can calm emotions. and if i am focused my own project, how can i meddle in someone else's business? *smile*

i do like to be busy with my hands. these are some dishcloths i have knit over the past few months while reclaiming wasted time spent waiting...waiting for piano lessons to finish, waiting for soccer practice, waiting to pick up the kids after school...and instead of feeling impatient and rushed, i have enjoyed the time working my needles and yarn into something beautiful and useful.

B learning to knit, working her first project

to work with your hands

everyday gift: knitting with B

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Tonya said...

love that photo of b knitting...i have the bug for all these types of things too. hope you can stay in my business a littel though!! hee hee...

From the damsel girl,
I love that picture of B knitting.
love a