Sunday, January 11, 2009


the chickens have had a few unwelcome callers this month! after 4 years of keeping laying hens, this is the first intrusion we have encountered. so you can imagine mark's surprise when he tried to move a sitting hen out of the way to collect the eggs and found an opossum hissing at him instead! thankfully, he was not bitten and we are thankful that it was not B collecting the eggs as usual!

this one ventured into the garage and S snapped this picture. although i consider an opossum on the same level as a rat, they are rather fascinating. take a look at his interesting foot!


Chris said...

The "fingers" look almost like they could be manicured. I, too, do not care for these strange looking and hissing creatures. How'd you get it out of your garage?

Tonya said...

wow, that was the Lord that it was mark!! good pic.

Amy said...

Does S get paid for being your on-the-scene photographer? he's always right in the action, wanting to capture the moment!! Go S!!

Oh, and in such moments, call me. Remember, I've had my shots for rabies. I'm the best one (although not the most fearless) for the job!