Monday, January 14, 2008


i hollered up the stairs, "stop that arguing! and no, i don't want to know what happened! can't you boys just, please, work it out?"

as i walked away i shot up a prayer, "Lord, what am i going to do with those boys? where have we gone wrong? give me patience and wisdom."

isn't there some biblical example i can cram into their heads...errr, i mean, teach them during devotions? let's see...cain and abel? no, that ended badly. jacob and esau? no, constantly competing for the birthright, feuding for years. joseph and his brothers? no, i can totally understand that selling into slavery thing. don't' want to give them any ideas. ahhh, what about james and john? two brothers working side by side on the fishing boat. hearing the call of Jesus from the shore to follow him and they drop their nets and follow, together. even after the crucifixion when they went back to fishing, they stuck together. through thick and thin. and answered the call a second time after Jesus arose. "Lord, make them like james and john...following together after You.....and i promise i won't be like their mother, asking for thrones for her boys to your right and left!"

later, i overheard one taking responsibility for his part in the dispute and asking forgiveness. the other granting it with a hasty, "i'm sorry, too." yes, my peacemaker and a brother overcoming his tendency to hold a grudge. maybe there is hope.

everyday gift: forgiveness granted and brothers restored


Missy R said...

Love it! I can totally relate to this one. I have enjoyed reading your blog today, Stacy, and hope to read more soon. :) Blessings~

Missy (FIAR)

stacy said...

thank you, missy!