Friday, January 18, 2008

sweet solitude...maybe not tonight

i hear the shower turn off and B's voice singing a funny tune as she gets ready for bed. C is busy doing his homework. S has his nose in a hardy boy mystery and M is doing some work on the computer. the dishwasher is humming. now's my chance! i steal away to the bedroom, put on my flannel jammies, and climb into bed with my book. after a day filled with non-stop activity, i love to finally have some time to myself...

but in walks B with a stack of library books about the solar system. "aren't you supposed to be on your own bed for reading?" "oh, mommy. your bed is so much cozier than mine!...did you know that pluto is not a planet anymore?... i can say the planets in order...My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pancakes...but pancakes doesn't count anymore...if the planets had an election i would vote for neptune...or maybe saturn..." "ummm, B, if you're going to read, you have to stop talking!"

M finds his way into the bedroom. "what time is sunrise? ...windchill factor tomorrow...deer hunting...plummeting temperatures...AND plummeting stock prices...."

now C..."our class is staging the lincoln douglas debates and i've been elected you know where i can find a black top hat?...don't forget i'm going to the birthday party tomorrow night...when can we shop for a present?..."

S realizes he is missing out and joins the party. "room for me to snuggle?...oh and mom, i need to go to the library tomorrow, i finished my last book..."

oh, i am tempted to shut my door to the chatter, to the demands already filling up my tomorrow, but look what i would be missing. and i remember my resolve for the year, just listen. someday they will be too busy to talk about their day with their mom on the bed and then i would regret missing out on those moments.

maybe we should invest in a king sized bed.

everyday gift: daily chatter on the bed


deleise said...

That was a beautiful post! You'll never regret losing that solitude.

stacy said...

hi deleise, thanks for visiting my blog!