Monday, January 14, 2008

The Shack ~ by william p. young

it is not often that a book touches me so profoundly, but i can say of The Shack that i was very moved and deeply challenged in my thinking of God. the author gives a fresh perspective on the difficult questions of evil in the world and the role that God plays in tragic events in our lives. it goes way beyond the trite answer "that some good will come out of it". i am going to reread this book so i can further think through the thoughts it raised. i consider this a "must read" for every christian or for anyone pondering these questions.


Elysa said...

So glad to see you joining the blogging world. And good to hear your recommendation for THE SHACK. That one will definitely be in my carry on luggage when I head out to Africa next week. Facing a lot of suffering as I will be, I probably need to hear its message.

Amy said...

oooh!! I will have to pick it up!! I always love any book you recommend!

stacy said...

elysa, thanks so much for stopping by! i've been following your preparation for africa! can't wait to hear what God will do. i'll also be looking for your review on this book!

amy, i'd send you my copy, but mark is going to read it next.