Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pavilion of Women ~ by pearl s. buck

this is the third book by pearl s. buck that i have read, and i must say that my respect for this author grows with every book! she is a master storyteller, creating lasting impressions with her complex and endearing characters. The Good Earth is her most famous book, having earned the pulitzer prize.

Pavilion of Women is the story of a woman who seeks to redefine the second half of her life by retiring from her role as a wife by assigning a concubine to fulfill that responsibility. she anticipates her freedom and discovers it in a completely unexpected way. the author creates such depth and complexity in her characters and then weaves their lives together in a seamless story. the growth and change that take place in madame wu, the main character, is truly beautiful. this book offers such insight into relationships and human nature. although buck was raised by missionary parents, i would not consider her books to be from a christian perspective. i do see her knowledge of christianity and the Bible in her writings, but it is mingled with eastern philosophy. nonetheless, she is an author i consider to be a must read.

i highly recommend Pavilion of Women and i look forward to reading many more of ms. buck's novels.

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