Friday, March 21, 2008


it had been a tough morning for B, bickering with her brother, being hurried out the door by me. this is never a good combination: B - irritable, hurt, and frustrated and me - in a hurry and impatient. the more i hurry B, the slower she begins to move and the higher pitched her whining becomes, refusing to put on her shoes and get in the van. (i will spare you any further ugly details.)

later, when things had calmed, i meted out the consequences for her disobedience with assurances of my love. she accepted this solemnly and silently. marching upstairs to be banished from the family in her room for a time, plus an extra chore to complete.

oh, my dear sweet emotional girl. how she sends me for a loop with her unpredictable moods, swinging from out of control outrage to ecstatic happiness and extravagant showers of love. she feels things so strongly and wears her heart on her sleeve. "Lord, how will i guide this precious one? how can i help her control her temper when i can't always control mine? how can i tame her fierce emotions?"

as i am getting ready for bed that night, i see a blue card propped next to my bed. in flowery embellished letters the word, "Sorry." a tear springs to my eye as i turn the card over and read,

"Dear Mom, I love you! I am sorry for what trouble i hav been. love, B~"

i go upstairs to tell her i have found her note. she lifts her groggy head from the pillow to kiss me good night again. i tell her thank you for the note. i have already forgiven her and i love her! she smiles and lays her head back on the pillow.

everyday gift: a love note

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