Monday, March 24, 2008


good friday's cold winds brought snow flurries and discouragement. will spring ever come? hasn't it been cold long enough? how long must we wait for the sun to warm things up? i am impatient for my garden, for walks, for sunshine, and for the children to be outdoors.

but as i thought about it, i realized that discouragement is really so fitting for this day. isn't that what Jesus' followers must have felt as their Teacher and Leader and King hung on the cross that day? how hopeless and disillusioned they must have felt, so much more profoundly than just being tired of the weather. how impatient they must have felt waiting for the Messiah. "we thought it was Jesus' but now he is gone. how long must we wait for our saviour? how long must we wait to be rescued from the romans?" discouragement, impatience, despair.

but the discouragement, sadness, and hopelessness of good friday is broken by the Resurrection. the Light breaks through the darkness. how much more we can appreciate the spring after the cold hard winter. and as we face the fear and hopelessness of our own sin and sure death, how much more do we rejoice and marvel at the miracle of new life in Christ?

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