Friday, March 20, 2009

cedar waxwings

the cedar waxwing is one of my favorite birds because of its beautiful and unusual markings. i read that the tiny red tip on the wing is the reason for the name as it looks like red sealing wax. we once found a dead waxwing by the road and were able to look closely at the intricate markings. i love the yellow tip to the tail.

the first time i saw cedar waxwings was in 1995 while mark and i were canoeing on the rock river. we saw a flock of them swooping out of the trees over the water to catch bugs. it was a memorable sight.

a few years ago we planted a row of american cranberry bushes. it is a native plant that provides food for wildlife and we hoped to lure the waxwings in with the berries. all winter i watched for them. well, they finally came! i counted about 7. now if i can just get the baltimore oriole to come to our slices of oranges. sometimes in the early spring we see them flitting in the trees, their brilliant flashes of orange, keeping a safe distance from the house. but so far, they won't come near.

cedar waxwing on american cranberry bush

Knowing Birds Through Stories is one of my favorite vintage books for children about birds. other references we use in our bird studies are The Burgess Bird Book for Children and the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds.

everyday gift: a beautiful bird in the garden


Anonymous said...

Dear Stacy,

Forgive me for being so "mother-like", but you would warm the heart of your dear Gran'daddy, who adored all the birds and couldn't get enough of their beauty and song. Bless you for passing that heritage along to "our" precious kiddies. Loveyou, Mom

stacy said...

awww, mom! of course you are "mother-like" ;o)

i have fond memories of listening to gran'dad's album of bird songs and of his little yellow canary, "happy"!

Tonya said...

that is so cool, I love seeing a new bird!