Tuesday, March 10, 2009

signs of spring

although the wind is giving us quite a chill and there is possible snow are in the forecast, we are seeing increasing signs of spring. i've just got to believe that winter will be defeated and life will sprout up in my garden, birds will sing at my window, and i can again put on my favorite pair of capri's and sip my morning coffee on the deck. we went on a little hike to see if we could spot the coming of spring! and this is what we found...
woolly sheep in the pasture who look at me as if to say, "where have you been all winter?!"
(yes, i admit. i am a fair weather shepherdess.)
they'll need shearing in another month or so.

a pair of robins have been flitting around the maple tree where they build their annual nest. i have read that the same pair will return again and again to the same nesting spot.
(sorry for the poor photo. the light was terrible on this gray day!)

swollen streams after a thunderstorm, greening grass

budding lilac bushes

irises bravely sticking their necks out

a praying mantis egg sac

everyday gift: the return of our dear friend, robin

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rainydaymichele said...

Wonderful photos, Stacy! I like knowing that spring is just.around.the.corner!