Sunday, March 29, 2009

highs and lows

it has been an incredibly busy few weeks and i have not had much time to reflect or put any thoughts down here. but today i thought i would look back and report on a few things from my week.

things that i love...

*seeing the twinkle in B's eye as her birthday approached
*C, staying up late with his light on to read the Bible
*a cherry pie with filling made from our summer cherries
*a clean house
*positive parent teacher conferences with A's on the report cards
*the crocus pushing up through the snow
*opening God's Word at church and listening to a wonderful yet challenging message
*having mark home after a business trip
*seeing God's answer to prayer
*hot coffee with vanilla caramel creamer

these things, not so much...

*the feel of a too-warm forehead on my boy
*snow at the end of march
*trying to make it look like we live in House Beautiful for an open house, when we actually live, in reality, more like Field and Stream!
*realizing i am out of the middle of the recipe
*finding out that the retro station on the radio is playing the music i listened to in high school
*library fines
*watching a soccer game when it is 31 degrees outside and threatening to drizzle
*postponing B's birthday party because of sickness and a blizzard
*sticker shock at the grocery store

well, these have been some of the highs and lows of the last few days. i hope your days are filled with mostly highs! :o)


Amy said...

Oh I love this! I'm glad the highs outnumber the lows. It's good to see God's blessings all around us.

Anonymous said...

You've inspired me, dear, to write down some highs and "not-so-muches" of my own. I'm sure the former ones will outnumber the latter, by God's matchless Grace! Love you, Mom