Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a special treat

this morning we had a special treat, B cooked breakfast for us! she has decided to earn the keepers at home cooking badge and this was the first of 15 meals that she will prepare. i couldn't believe how motivated she was this morning. you see, B is not typically a morning person, so to cook breakfast for her brothers before school she had to set her alarm and get up about an hour and a half earlier than usual. i was a little skeptical of the plan, but she bounced out of bed ready to go! the requirements for the badge include 1) planning the menu, 2) setting the table, 3) cooking the meal, 4) serving, and 5) cleaning up.

our breakfast menu this morning included french toast, sliced apples, and orange juice. and it was fabulous! i am looking forward to the rest of the meals she will be preparing!

i'll add a picture when i get a minute.

everyday gift: B's french toast


Tonya said...

Go Bethany!!

Amy said...

Sometimes it's the motivation from within, that giving of ourselves that makes it all worthwhile, isn't it? What a wonderful discovery for B that she has this desire in her, and what a wonderful thing as a mother to see it being enjoyed and to be fruitful!!!