Tuesday, June 9, 2009

backyard wienie roast

the weather forecast for the weekend was all rain, but friday was beautiful! so we quickly put together a plan for a bonfire and wienie roast. i made gran'mom's recipe for potato salad and put baked beans in the crock pot. mark had already moved our patio furniture so we used the flatbed trailer that was parked and waiting for another load as our table. i spread a checkered tablecloth on the end.

mom and dad enjoying the "tailgate" party

i know we will have a fire pit at our new house, but still, i am feeling very nostalgic about leaving our home in few weeks (are we down to days?!). this will most likely be our last bonfire at this place that holds so many good memories. our first bonfire was in the fall of 1999. the barn was built, but no house. we came out with coolers of food, lawn chairs and blankets. C was almost 4, S only 2, and B...well, we didn't know B yet! my folks and a few other families joined us and we chatted, laughed, and enjoyed the cool fall evening. we were filled with the excitement and anticipation of building our someday home in the country. that fall bonfire would become one of my favorite traditions and it grew as we included new friends. we put boards over sawhorses in the barn to hold all of the potluck dishes. mark would take the kids on a hay rack ride through the newly harvested fields. and as it got dark, flashlights could be seen running between the trees, as the kids played flashlight tag! i can still hear the shouts and laughter.

S and B roasting their hot dogs...and one for me, too! thanks!

B with grammy and their matching pink shirts

everyday gift: hot dogs roasted on a bonfire

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Jeremiah29:11 said...

Awh! Sweet! I love traditions, but seem unable to keep very many of the ones I try going. We've got a new one going now, though, and I'd give it a high chance of sticking! We started a winter gthering that we have in February. We have a bonfire, snowmobile rides and cross country skiing. Also, board games. We have bierocks and chilli, and potluck. It's a lot of fun and helps us break up the LONG winters we have here in the Northland! Blessings to you as you move to your new home, and take that tradition with you!! :)