Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what's for supper, mom?

just because they can fly does not mean they don't need their mama anymore!

well, my boy "flew" today. he went on a week long mission trip with the youth group from church. during the week they will hook up with various service projects in the community and through their service they will share the love God and the gospel. i can not tell you how much it blesses me to see C with a heart that is anxious to serve the Lord. he was quite independent about preparing for this trip and i can see him maturing in so many ways...

and yet, i know he'll always come home and stand with the refrigerator wide open asking,
"isn't there anything to eat?"

if you feel led, please pray for this group of jr. high students: for safety on their trip, for the love of God to be demonstrated through their service, and that they would grow and mature in their relationship with the Lord through this experience.

everyday gift: young hearts willing to serve


Chris said...

You are a great Mom. Just like Mrs. Robin. Your boy will soar! You have been preparing him well.

Tonya said...

So cute! That was neat that you caught that.

rainydaymichele said...

I am honored to pray for your son and his group, and for those he will be ministering to during his trip. May God be magnified through their efforts. Much love to you, Sweet Friend~