Monday, June 29, 2009

good times with grandy

B with grandy on father's day

i adore this sweet picture

a few weeks ago S spent the week at boy scout camp. the camp is close enough that we were able to visit him on family night and enjoy dinner and a special bonfire. at the bonfire, the scouts who had been selected for order of the arrow were called out, and C was one of those scouts! it is an honor to be selected because they are voted in by their fellow scouts who believe they demonstrate best the scout oath.

it was so nice that my dad was able to be there. he was once a boy scout himself, earning the rank of life scout. i know he takes a lot of pleasure in seeing his grandsons enjoy scouting.

dad with C and S at scout camp

everyday gift: time with grandy

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Anonymous said...

What a joy to see such sweet pictures. Once again, you prove that you could have been a famous photographer!! ;o) Mom