Monday, June 8, 2009

the library sale

i am in a little bit of trouble with mark. you see, we are moving soon. very soon. and i am supposed to be getting rid of things so we have less to pack and store.

but saturday morning at 7:25 am, i stole away to the library sale. sadly, they have closed the old main library downtown, the beautiful old library with a huge brick fireplace in the center and dark walnut curved railings down wide open staircases. the elevator was put in later. it is small, has one of those metal gates you pull closed, and clanks when it carries you between all 3 floors. the aisles between the bookshelves are so narrow that you have to turn sideways to pass another patron. but it has that wonderful feel of old books. it is an historic building and i hope they find a worthy purpose for it in the future.

well, i went to say goodbye to the old carnegie library and i came home with a few wonderful keepsakes.

this round table was in the children's department. i think it will make a perfect coffee table in the family room. it is wide, 48" across. i can just picture a rousing game of Settlers of Catan on top or a big bowl of popcorn in the center as we watch a movie. it was a steal at $10!

i have really been taking some teasing over this. i don't care, i absolutely love it. a vintage metal trash can. i only paid 50 cents for it! can't you just see it spray-painted some funky color? i plan to keep it in my laundry room so mark won't have to worry about seeing it, he never goes in there!! ;o)

the only problem with spray painting it would be covering this cool company label. have you ever heard of Yaman & Erbe Mfg. Co. of rochester, new york?

everyday gift: vintage treasures from the library

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