Friday, July 10, 2009


i just wanted to post a quick follow-up about C's mission trip. 'thank you' to those who supported him with prayer or a monetary gift! he had a wonderful time. they came home exhausted and were in no mood for a group shot.  so this is the best i could do to document their return:
unloading the trailer

it was so neat to hear C tell about the work they did during the week. i think his favorite project was helping a pastor of a church in a very needy part of the city. they cleared out an old warehouse to make more room for the food pantry and clothing ministry that he runs there. another day they helped a single mom in his congregation move to a new apartment and clean the old one. the laundry he brought home gave testimony to his other jobs of yard work and painting with dirt, stains, and sweat. you'd think C would be glad to home...but he was wishing he could have stayed another week. i do believe his love language is the 'gift of service' and he really spent his week loving.

everyday gift: showing God's love through service


Tonya said...

praise god!

Amy said...

How awesome is that?! I love that! Jacob is in Pittsburgh for a missions trip this week as well. I'm sooo anxious to hear his thoughts on the whole thing!