Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my little herb garden

with all the busyness that goes along with moving, my herb garden was very neglected. it is looking terribly overgrown and abandoned. i do hope the new owners will be able to see the potential. i did give it one good weeding earlier in the spring and planted a tomato plant, several green pepper plants, and some onions. i knew when i planted them that i may not reap the harvest, in fact, i hoped i would not, because that would mean we had sold our house and would be busy building the new. but i couldn't bear to leave without taking a few starts. i potted them so i would be able to take them with me to our temporary home and then to the new house.

they really appear quite happy in their traveling home!

in my herb pot: chives, chamomile, lavender, thyme, oregano, bronze fennel, parsley
and dill volunteers popped up as well!

my pot of shady plants divided from my garden.
butter and eggs (top), mini hosta (right), variegated red fern (left),
and shooting star (back, not really visible),
also in the pot, hens and chicks

everyday gift: fresh garden herbs


Amy said...

Well, I'm a gardener with high hopes but no experience! I planted oregano and cilantro which have nearly overgrown their container and some basil seeds that seem to be peeping up finally. I just have no idea how to save the herbs, or trim them back or what part to even USE. I'm such a dork!

Chris said...

Your herb garden looks beautiful! Can't wait to see where you plant them in a few months.

rainydaymichele said...

Great idea! I'm glad you are able to take a little bit of your old home with you to your new one. ;)