Tuesday, July 14, 2009

critter feeder

well, i know they are called bird feeders, however....

mr. raccoon seems to think i put this picnic out just for him.  he knocked the lid down into the weeds and stuffed himself with birdseed, completely emptying the feeder.  between him, the army of squirrels, and the chipmunk that stuffs his cheeks to bursting, i can not keep seed in the feeders!  

and they are sooo bold,  down right brazen about it.  i have tried to shoo them away from the window only a few feet from the feeder, but they just glance up at me and continue gorging themselves.   only if i actually walk out onto the deck will they run off, hide behind some tree, and return the moment i am back inside the house.  i just do not have time to guard the feeders.

i think the answer is to change the name of the feeders from "bird feeders" to "critter feeders".  after all it is cheap entertainment! 

everyday gift:  all creatures great and small 

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Amy said...

Isn't it something that we are just so particular about which critter we feed? We just want them to understand which part of the buffet they are allowed to eat from. LOL