Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a noste-who-ee?

a nostepinne! well, actually, it is an antique spool that has been re-purposed as a nostepinne, that is, a Norwegian ball winder. i can wind my skeins of yarn into a handy center pull ball. clever!

from skein to ball

i finished spinning the rambouillet wool/angora blend roving that i purchased at the iowa sheep and wool festival. it was very nice to spin. the angora gives it a very luxurious feel and will make my cowl even warmer. i found this easy pattern at crazy girl yarn shop and adjusted it slightly making it several inches shorter. i didn't want quite so many folds. around my neck.
i got a few strange looks when i knit this cozy neck warmer while the sun was blazing in july and temperatures soaring in the 90's! but i was hoping to knit some of that heat into my project. come january, i'm going to need it!

the finished product
everyday gift: storing up the summer sun :o)


Patty said...

That is so neat! I always like to see what you've been up to!

Chris said...

Oh how beautiful! I can feel the warmth from here. And it's great seeing Norweigan "technology" being used. I knew my ancestors were creative. Time to get your own Angora bunny?

Tonya said...

very nice!

zafran said...

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