Friday, July 30, 2010

presto! pesto!

my basil really took off this summer. i love the spicy smell as i pick large bouquets from my herb garden to make pesto sauce. i have purple basil growing as well... i wonder what it be like to make purple pesto?! maybe i'll try that someday.
i have been re-establishing my herb garden at our new house. chives, thyme, and feverfew made the move from the old house. in this picture i have rosemary, sage, apple scented geranium, purple basil, and sweet basil

mollie katzen has written some of my favorite cookbooks. it is her recipe from The New Moosewood Cookbook that i use to make my pesto. fresh basil, pine nuts, lots of garlic and parmesan cheese make this recipe so flavorful!

i put some in jars to use right away. pouring a little olive oil over the top for storage will keep the green pesto from turning brown. i also made a few batches to freeze for later.

everyday gift: fresh basil pesto


Autumn Mist said...

Oooh, lovely. I love to grow my own herbs and be able to pick whatever I need. I love mint, sage and rosemary.

Amy said...

I have been making pesto as well! Although my basil plant isn't nearly as big and tall as yours! Holy moly! Mine goes to flower if I let it get too big, so I keep trimming it back.

I have a few others as well, but no idea how I'm going to preserve those for winter!