Monday, July 12, 2010

snap shots of a summer adventure

a glorious week on clayter lake.
sailing, canoeing, swimming, snorkelling, rowing, water skiing.
a summer to remember.
i think C is the last one in the last canoe.

sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
sunshine in my eyes can make me cry,
sunshine on the water looks so lovely...
(sorry, i just couldn't resist breaking into a john denver song)

the dock

umm. i guess they weren't really "roughin' it", now were they?

the rocket, pulled by a speed boat

a beautiful sail boat.
C tells the story of their first day out in the sail boat when a storm popped up. the wind was keeping them from making any progress toward the dock and at one point the boat was almost capsized! i'm not sure, but i think he actually enjoyed it. or maybe he just enjoyed telling the story and how he had lived through it! ;o)

C learned to row and really fell in love with this sport at camp. living right on the mississippi river, he may have the opportunity to pursue this new interest. i'm looking into it.

his incredible week of water sports ended with a bang. the night before heading home, C caught his hand between two boards tearing his finger, requiring an ambulance ride to the ER and 11 stitches. now i know why i was praying so hard this week! and despite the injury, i know that God protected him. C's tendon was exposed from the cut. had his tendon actually been cut, he would have needed surgery instead of just stitches! so we are thankful for the silver lining.
C in the ER
"yes, mom. i'm really okay!"

everyday gift: C on an exciting adventure... and safely home!


Chris said...

I don't remember summer camp looking so... well... modern. (grin). So glad your biggest young man is recovering well. That's quite the bandage.

Anonymous said...

Caleb, what a wonderful group of pictures to remember your great week with. I'm impressed with all your activities. And a water skier like your dad! Good goin'! We're thankful too, that your finger wasn't hurt worse and has healed up so well. BE CAREFUL! GRAMMY AND GRANDY

Amy said...

Love these memories! Jacob tried water skiing this summer as well, but couldn't keep himself up for long!

Every boy needs a good stitches story (even if it means every mother has to go through that worry and stress!)