Friday, February 1, 2008

The Debt ~ by angela hunt

christian fiction is a genre that i approach with a certain amount of suspicion. i guess i got burned out on christian books that did not portray real life, emotions, or relationships. but i really appreciate the message of this story. it is light reading, i think i read it in just a day or two, but the message is an important one for today's believers. the main character is the wife of a pastor of a large megachurch. on the outside everything seems perfect and they are squeaky clean as they minister to other believers who also appear to have it all together. her past resurfaces and shakes up the world she has carefully arranged.

i won't spoil the storyline, but i will say that the church needs to get out of their pews and dare to love the unlovely. that is the message that spoke to me. Quaker Summer is another book with this theme that i would recommend.

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