Tuesday, February 26, 2008

highlights from the weekend

*being reunited with a dear friend after many years! chatting like we have never been apart!

*remembering J as a curly-headed little 2 year old and being faced with the reality that he has actually grown while out of my presence into a very tall, curly-headed, witty, precocious, fun-loving, 11 year old boy!

*watching the boys' friendship take off like a rocket. (somehow i knew it would!)

*a rousing game of Settlers of Catan (who knew J could be so ruthless as to rob an innocent little girl of her sheep!)

*shakes at whitey's (they have recently discovered the gene that proves the tendency toward whitey's addiction is hereditary, which would explain why J is already plotting an opportunity to return for another shake!)
*a whirlwind tour of amy's almamater

*watching eagles fishing on the mississippi river

*chatting 'til way past my bedtime (apparently this made us oblivious to the rough housing by the boys up in their room which happens to be directly above the master bedroom, keeping my poor husband awake until way past his bedtime)

*a tea party with my new teapot (thanks, amy! B and i will think of you every time we use it)

*a monopoly game (that i didn't have to be a part of)

*J, C, S, and B tumbling in after sledding in the dark, half frozen and laughing like crazy!

*lunch at arthur's garden deli

* a friendship that time and distance cannot fade

everyday gift: sweet friendship

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Amy said...

It was an awesome weekend!! Your highlights are awesome!! I wish we could hang out every weekend (well, you might get sick of us then). I can't wait to come back!