Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snowflake Bentley ~ by jacqueline briggs martin

we had a snow day yesterday! so, naturally, i had to break out all of our favorite snow books. and the one at the top of the list: Snowflake Bentley. i love this story of wilson bentley's life and his passion for snowflakes!
i love how his parents spent their savings to buy him a special camera fixed with a microscope, costing as much as ten head of cattle, quite an amazing thing in his day. but as impressive as that piece of equipment was, i am most amazed at the love shown by his parents. it must have been difficult for his father, a practical hard-working farmer, to understand his son's interest (obsession) in snow! but he loved him enough to recognize his passion and give him support and encouragement. imagine the love that that gift spoke and the confidence a 17 year old boy would gain by that kind of support. may i learn this lesson and give the same kind of encouragement to my children. may i recognize their gifts, talents, and passions and help them along the path God has in store for them.
i am also impressed by the perseverence that wilson bentley showed as he tried again and again to photograph those elusive and fleeting snowflakes. this is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished by not giving up.

i love the unique beauty in each crystal. the obvious lesson of the snowflake is, of course, that no two are alike, each has its own unique design, just like every child of God.

everyday gift: snowflakes and snow days

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