Tuesday, February 19, 2008

unconventional valentine

after 14 years of marriage mark and i know each other pretty well. for example, i know that "gifts" is not mark's love language. i have learned that if i want to keep from having hurt feelings on gift-giving holidays i have to keep expectations low. i have also learned that when i buy something new near my birthday and mark says, "this can count as a birthday gift, right?" what he really means to say is, "i want you to have just what you want, so i am letting you pick out your own present because i really do love you." and after spending hours pondering the perfect gift for him and he responds by saying, "why did you spend money on this?" what he really means is, "honey, you are all i need. i don't need anything else but you."

so when mark arrived home from a business trip on february 15 with a valenine gift, i was indeed surprised! just the thought of him browsing in gift shops makes me smile. unwrapping the awkward shaped package i discover this:

a. very. large. rooster.
now some women would not be pleased with this. they may be looking for gems, or chocolate, or red roses. but me? i simply adore it. knowing how much i enjoy raising our little flock of chickens; knowing i truly love surprises; knowing how much i love sharing this country life with him, he has chosen the perfect gift for me, however unconventional it may be.

everyday gift: a valentine surprise


Amy said...

That was soooo sweet of M!! I love it (well, no, not for me personally, but it IS so you!!)

deleise said...

That is an awesome rooster. And I love your positive outlook, you are such a blessing to him.

But honestly I do love that rooster. It's very French Country.