Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a father's gift

since father's day a few days ago, i have been thinking about all mark does for our kids as their dad. on sunday we honored him and thanked him with father's day gifts: cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a homemade card, a funny booklet about dads, a shirt, his favorite meal of bratwurst on the grill.

but today i am thinking not about father's day gifts, but of a father's gift. last night after the younger kids were in bed, and my own eyes were closing on my book, i overheard mark in the kitchen with C. over the clinking of spoons in the ice cream bowls, i heard C asking questions about the sunday sermon from the book of james. i heard the rustle of bible pages turning from the new testament to proverbs. i heard my son wrestling with the big questions of faith and works, of consequences of sin, and a christian response to this world. and i heard a father engage his son with wisdom, patience, and love.

this morning as i start the coffee in the kitchen, i see sticky ice cream bowls left on the table, C's bible, and sermon notes in his own scratchy handwriting. and i smile. what a beautiful sight. i guess i will not scold about the dirty dishes left out or the handwriting that needs improvement. instead i am praising God that mark has established such wonderful lines of communication with his children and he is not afraid of their hard questions.

everyday gift: late night talks at the kitchen table with dad

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