Wednesday, June 4, 2008

snake magnet

this little guy, along with his brothers and sisters, were terrorizing our neighbors, holding them hostage between their car and the house. the snake acted like a magnet to S, he was irresistibly drawn in, whereas the neighbors felt the opposite effects of the other side of the magnet, repelling them.

he is kinda cute, don't ya think?


Amy said...

Great. Thanks. Now LM wants one. Way to go, Stacy. Stop making LM that much MORE envious that your kids get to live in nature and well, he doesn't. Can you feed another pre-teen over there? I might just have to send him your way!

stacy said...

amy, bring him on! we'll take LM any day of the week! :o) btw, our little snake was on the "catch and release" program.