Thursday, June 5, 2008

Out of the Silent Planet ~ by c.s. lewis

before i say anything, let me first tell you that i think c.s. lewis was a brilliant man. his book Mere Christianity influenced my faith as a young college student in a very profound way. i absolutely adore the Chronicles of Narnia and have enjoyed sharing these stories and their deeper meaning with my children. his book, Til We Have Faces is incredible. but...

...i just can't do his space trilogy. i really tried. i managed to finish Out of the Silent Planet (it is a very short book), and read 1/3 of Perelandra, book 2, but i just can't go on. i can not live a lie...i don't like science fiction. i'm sure it has a completely intellectual and theologically profound message. i am certain the meaning is a universal truth, understood by all of mankind, but i can not relate to aliens as main characters.

so, mr. lewis, please believe me when i say,
"it's not you, it's me."

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Amy said...

But I bet I know someone who would love them...another great recommendation!! LOL

I love Mere Christianity as well, and I'm currently re-reading the Narnia series. You and I just think so mcuh alike sometimes.