Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a blogger christmas card

if this picture had audio...

but honey, we're going to be late for church...

i don't care, we have GOT to take advantage of this snow. it might not last... (who knew we'd have 10 more inches this month!)
umm, kids, i think you better do what your mother says.

S, where is your coat??? B, where are your tights??? C, can't you take down that hood???
mom, i have snow in my shoes.

shouldn't the sheep and llama be in this picture?

a blogger christmas card...because taking the picture is only one step in the process of actually mailing a photocard to friends and family.

wishing you and your family a very merry christmas, filled with joy and laughter. :o)


Amy said...

I'll admit, I saw the photo before I read your words beneath and I'm thinking ....wait a minute, aren't those poor kids FREEZING?!! And then I had to laugh. And yes, I think all Christmas cards should come as videos of their production with audio. Ours would be hysterical, too. ("Should I throw the snow now? No, wait. Now? No, wait. NOW?! No...oh, you missed it. Great, my hands have frostbite. We've got to do it all again. Get ready.")

Chris said...

Ha ha ha! Too funny. I can hear it now...

Mrs. M said...

I love the picture! Was a bit curious as to the attire chosen...but none the less...great photo opportunity. And the scenario is priceless! Your home is absolutely beautiful. I daily reminder of God's creation & presence in this world!

Merry Christmas Zmudas!
New Year's Blessings to all!

Mrs. M (Cheri)

tonia said...


merry christmas to you! i hope you have enough snow for a white-ish christmas. :)

Lynn said...

Stacy, I love the picture! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Day!


rainydaymichele said...

Great photo, Stacy! Great story too. :) Isn't that how it usually goes?! LOL.