Sunday, December 14, 2008

christmas book basket

during the month of december we love to get out our christmas books. B wishes i would leave them out year round, but i love unpacking them and putting them in our basket. it makes them all the more special when we have not seen them since last christmas season. and we do have a lot of them! some are from my childhood, some have been gifts, others picked up at a library sale, but all of them are thoroughly enjoyed. here are a few of our favorites:

Christmas Day in the Morning by pearl s. buck. this is a sweet story of a son who gives his father a gift. it isn't a costly gift, but a gift which shows true love in an act of service.

If You're Missing Baby Jesus by jean gietzen. another story which demonstrates how love is an action. very touching.

Robin Finds Christmas by molly brett. i had to search this title out on ebay! i love molly brett's fun stories and illustrations of little animals which remind me so much of beatrix potter. when the robin finds her fir tree house missing from the wood she searches for it and finds in a church decorated for christmas. she not only finds her tree, but she finds the meaning of christmas.

The Mole Family Christmas by russell hoban. this one is not especially profound, but it is nostalgic to me because it is one from my childhood.

Silent Night, Holy Night by myrna strasser. my friend myrna wrote this true family story of how the strasser family helped make "Silent Night" one the of the most famous carols. myrna was a very special lady and a wonderful story teller. she passed away earlier this year and is greatly missed.

Christmas Tapestry by patricia polacco. a beautiful story and a tear jerker told as only patricia polacco can!

Apple Tree Christmas by trinka hakes noble. a discarded library book, bought for a dime, but has become a real favorite here.

The Christmas Tree Ship by judith flesvig merwald, ruth flesvig gibson, and robert flesvig. another true story. this one about the ship that brought christmas trees from northern michigan to chicago in the early 1900's.

oh, i better stop! i know there are so many wonderful ones i have not mentioned, but i have tried to list a few that may not be so well known. i'm off now to curl up in a blanket with my kiddos and read another book!

everyday gift: snuggling up with a book


Chris said...

Looks like some fun reads. Thanks for sharing. I also like Mr. Weatherby's Christmas Tree.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great tradition. So often, in the hustle and bustle, we don't take time to read these great tomes! I, in the past, tried to read A Christmas Carol every year. Dickens was such a master of words. Thanks for reading to my grandchildren! ;o) Love, Mom