Monday, December 29, 2008

books 2008

this year i read 32 books. the ones in bold are the ones that stood out to me in some way, either the writing was outstanding or the message touched me in a profound way and i turned over words and ideas long after the book was replaced on the shelf; some were fiction from a christian point of view; others definitely not; some were nonfiction; some were meant to spur on my christian walk; others were classics.

here are a few thoughts on the most memorable titles...The Shack: a new way of thinking of what my spiritual relationship would look like with "skin" on, a deeper understanding of God's love for each of us, a thoughtful look at how the members of Trinity might interact...keep in mind this is fiction and you will be blessed! Pavilion of Women: a beautiful look into historic china, the role of women there, but also the heart of women across time and culture, fascinating. Embrace Me: a touching look at our need for love and acceptance. Emma: one of my favorites by jane austen, witty! The Thirteenth Tale: a page turner! Jane Erye: the main character shines through many painful circumstances, i love this classic Do Hard Things: a must read for all teens...and adults! First Light: incredible first in the series of historic fiction set in the time of Christ. Safely Home: a call to pray for persecuted church around the world! Gilead: beautifully written, a deep look into the heart and relationships. Same Kind of Different: the testimonies of three lives changed by God's love, a primer on living a deliberate and compassionate life.

*Same Kind of Different As Me ~ron hall and denver moore
*Joy in the Morning ~betty smith
*The Fiction Class ~susan breen
*Stepping Heavenward ~mrs. e. prentiss
*Gilead ~marilynne robinson
*Imperial Woman ~pearl s. buck
*Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down
*Safely Home ~randy alcorn
*Stone Crossings: Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places ~l.l. barkat
*Fourth Dawn ~bodie thoene
*Third Watch ~bodie thoene
*Second Touch ~bodie thoene
*First Light ~bodie thoene
*The Pursuit of Holiness ~jerry bridges
*Secrets of the Vine ~bruce wilkinson
*Rising River ~
*Daughter of Fortune ~isabel allende
*Out of the Silent Planet ~c.s. lewis
*Do Hard Things ~
*So Brave, Young, and Handsome ~lief enger
*The Living End ~lisa samson
*Club Sandwich ~lisa samson
*Women's Intuition ~lisa samson
*Jane Eyre ~charlotte bronte
*The Thirteenth Tale ~diane setterfield
*Emma ~jane austen
*Embrace Me ~lisa samson
*The Debt ~
*Water for Elephants ~sara gruin
*Pavilion of Women ~pearl s. buck
*Chasing Fireflies ~charles martin
*The Shack ~william p. young

everyday gift: reading a good book

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Chris said...

Wow! What a prolific reader you are. I think I read four. (Not counting the myriad of journal articles and textbooks!) Which one or two of those are a "must read"? I will add them to my reading list. Thanks!