Saturday, December 6, 2008

little italian village

these little wooden houses belonged to my grandmother, my dad's mother. as far as i know, they were brought back from italy in the 1940's by an uncle, presumably fighting in world war II. i wish i knew for sure. i wish i knew who the uncle was and the circumstances surrounding these souvenirs. i wish i knew exactly where they came from. but these details were lost when my grandmother died.

the tops of the houses lift off, they are actually little boxes. i love the hand-painted details.

if your grandparents are still living, please go visit them. ask them questions. listen to their stories...and take notes. their lives are history, your history. and you undoubtedly will find out the most remarkable things about them.
everyday gift: a treasure from my grandma

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Amy said...

Oh so true. I have notes of things written on scraps of paper that my g'ma would just blurt out in the middle of a phone call. I'd call my sister and say, "did you know...?" and none of us would have ever heard that bit before.

I swear I've seen houses like that somewhere before. With the lift-off lids.... you've got me wondering.