Tuesday, December 2, 2008

overheard last weekend...

so, C, what is on your Christmas list this year?

well, actually, i can't think of anything i need. i really have so much.

can you imagine how that warms this mother's heart? we have actually been blessed beyond any real need. oh, there can always be a want. there are plenty of things our boys don't have: a wii, or any gaming system for that matter, an ipod, a laptop of their own, or the next newest lego robotic system. i am sure if he perused the catalogs he would find some interesting things to put on a wish list. later C suggested that we look into donating a goat or chickens to a family instead of a heap of gifts under the tree this year. he is so practical, like his dad. his school is participating in a charity that is collecting money to feed the hungry, but C said, "why just give them food that will run out? shouldn't we give them something that will last and continue to provide for them?" yes, he is his father's son! what a blessing!

following C's suggestion, we are shopping with World Vision this Christmas. if you, too, are interested, you can check it out here.

everyday gift: seeing my son's generous heart

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rainydaymichele said...

Awww. What sweet boys you have there, Stacy. ;)